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covergifTitle: Running in the Dark: Bessina & Trace
Author: Inger Iversen
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Audience: New & Young Adult
Formats: E-Book & Paperback
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
Cover By: Eden Crane Design
Editor: Red Adept Publishing
Pages: 235 pages
Publishing Date: 19 April 2014

Trace’s job has always revolved around death. Trace is a Watcher, a position created assist to the undead to their final resting place without alerting humans of the vampire race. Whether his job is to witness the death of a fellow vampire or deal it, Trace has learned that being a Grim Reaper isn’t what he thought it would be. After years of killing, he’s ready for a new job, a new life, or to just disappear. When Bessina becomes his new target after she witnesses the death of fellow vampires Sam and Hope, Trace is ready to eliminate her—until a strange course of events turns the tables and has Trace protecting Bessina from his boss and running for his life.
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Option 1
“I want you to leave with me, now,” he demanded in a quiet whisper, taking a small step towards Bessina.
She retreated farther into the room until her back hit the wall. His six-foot-four height and muscular frame commanded obedience, while his light green eyes and soft full lips demanded her undivided attention. Staring at him was taking her concentration away from her plan to escape, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of him—his golden brown hair, his light olive eyes, to his creamy white complexion that held a hint of honey from the sun. The white males on campus had never paid her any attention, and she had returned the favor. She’d never gotten a chance to marvel at their creamy complexion or to get lost in a bright green gaze. What the heck? This guy could have very well killed two people, set them on fire, and come to hurt her, and she was standing there coming to some silly realization that maybe she had missed out on a certain population of guys based on the color of their skin.
“I am not going anywhere with you,” Bessina said with the fearless spunk that was known to get her in trouble. She didn’t care if she had to fight her way out of the situation.
She wasn’t leaving with him, no matter what.

Option 2
Trace could see countless emotions play across the girl’s heart-shaped face, but the one that immobilized him was the instant attraction he’d seen in her alarmed gaze. Though she tried to hide it with indifference, for some reason it had Trace rethinking his next move.
“Ready?” he asked, holding his hand out to her, effectively breaking the spell he’d held over her.
She held her shirt close to her chest and shook her head. “Look—”
Trace smiled as she tried to loosen the effects of the pain medicine.
“I’m not going anywhere with you, and as soon as Officer Flores comes back, I’m going to explain to her that you are some loon from the streets that’s trying to get me to join some Kool-Aid drinking cult and have her arrest your crazy butt.” She pointed her finger at him and opened her mouth to speak again.
Before she could, Trace moved. He had had every intention of taking the girl and doing the job that he’d been trained to do, but as soon as he looked into her cinnamon gaze, he closed the space between them and pulled her tightly into his arms. Her small, warm frame trembled.
“Shh… I am not going to hurt you.” He’d never said that to a person before, but to her, it felt so damned true. He hoped it was simply meant to calm her until his head was back on the job and he would actually be able to carry out his orders.
Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears as her spine stiffened and she glared up at him. “Yes, you are. That’s why you came.” Her lips trembled with fear.
Trace placed one open palm on her back and the other on her hip, locking her in place. “And why do you say that?”
Trace made the mistake of looking down into her cinnamon gaze. She was young, but he could tell that she’d been through some things and come out on top. He wondered what price she’d paid in order to escape what life had thrown at her.
Trace realized how unfair her situation was. The sadness in her eyes, the way she held herself, and the spunk that she had thrown at him earlier made him smile inwardly. She was a woman that deserved a second chance.

Option 3
Before Bessina could scream, Trace had an arm around her waist and a fist full of her hair, tilting her head up so she had no choice but to look in his eyes. His nostrils flared and his eyes roamed over her face, leaving hot paths wherever his gaze landed. Bessina struggled to free herself, but he only held her tighter.
“You asked me before why I let you live.”
His warm breath on her cheek smelled of spearmint. She summoned strength and fire from deep within. “Screw you. I don’t care anymore.”
Trace laughed and held her tighter. His body was hard against hers. “I let you live because I didn’t have the guts to kill you.” He closed his eyes briefly. “I saw you, the way you looked at me as if you could see me for the murdering piece of shit that I was, and that killed me right then and there. I couldn’t let you look at me like that. I couldn’t be the last thing you saw, Bessina. I couldn’t. When you looked at me the same way you looked at that guy who harmed you in school, and I realized then and there that if I ever touched you again, it would be to make you feel good, not to hurt you.”
Trace’s voice was soft, and Bessina wasn’t sure what to make of him. He’d gone from demanding and angry to apologetic and something else that made her belly quiver. “And I couldn’t be another person in your life that hurt you.”
She lessened her struggles, but Trace still held her tight to his chest. Bessina wondered if he could feel each breath that she took and the rapid thrumming of her heart.
“You can see in my head?” she asked calmly.
“Yes.” Trace laid his head on her shoulder as they stood on the side of the road. “I saw the way you looked at me, and I couldn’t let you see me that way.”
“Many people had to have looked at you that way. What was so different about me?”
He lifted his head slowly allowing his lips to graze her neck and cheek. Bessina shuddered in his arms.
“I don’t know,” he admitted. “I think my brain knew before my hands did that I wasn’t going to hurt you.” He loosened his grip on her waist. “There was no big revelation, Bessina. Your eyes started this, and the more time I spent with you, the more I realized that I wanted to soothe and not harm you.”

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character bios
clip_image002Bessina James
Age: 19
Origin: US
Job: Student
Bessina left home with friends to attend college in Florida. After being attacked and losing her best friend, Bessina decides to leave college and live with her aunt in Plushin’ Ohio.
clip_image004[6]Trace Seever
Age: 21
Origin: Russia
Job: Watcher for Vampire Nation
Trace is a dhampir in the Vampire Nation. Most dhampirs have chosen to become Watchers because of their ability to endure the sun.
I always listen to music when writing and I actually have several playlists on Spotify that I use.
I use Spotify to listen to music. You can listen to Running in the Dark’s soundtrack.
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about the author
Inger Iversen lives in Virginia Beach with her tree-hugging boyfriend Joshua and her overweight lap cat Max. When not reading or writing she spends her time watching reruns of True Blood or killing zombies in Call Of Duty.
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