Saturday, August 30, 2014


On the 29th August a new book is launched. Writers of horror and erotica come together to explore dark erotica in this sexy volume. Those of us who like a little fear with our fun can take a trip to the shadows beyond the rainbow where we'll find vampires and demons and murder, oh my! The book is for 18+ readers only and delves into many aspects of human (and demonic) sexuality. It is not for the sheepish or easily offended. Demons, zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and murder are just some of the characters and plots you will find within these pages and the erotica is full on – hot, hot, hot! The anthology will be released for sale at only 99c or 77p. This is an introductory price so hurry, don't wait. Why would you want to wait?
Excerpt - From Sex Magic, by Carmilla Voiez - I knew I was in trouble when she strode across the room towards me, her hair pulled back into a ponytail so tight that it seemed to stretch her almond-shaped eyes even wider. I tried to look busy, picked up the phone and put it back down again with a grimace as she landed heavily in the chair on the other side of the desk and pouted. As her legs crossed one way then the other I saw a flash of stocking-tops. Keep calm, I told myself, don't get flustered again. You're a professional. “Lily.” Her voice was like a warm sunset, as the purple sky above and the crimson light below met and melted into each other. I nodded, swallowing hard. “I need you.” My flesh tingled and I couldn't believe my ears. “You...” “Bloody Hera has fucked off sick again and two important clients are coming at eight.” My stomach crashed to the floor, of course, she needed me to work late, that was all. I was a fool to think she needed anything else. She would be able to get everything she needed and more. Her clothes screamed wealth while her polished fingernails, glossy mouth and impossibly high stiletto heels promised a wild hunger that could not be tamed; this was a woman who was never left unsatisfied. I blushed. “I don't...” “You're just meeting and greeting. Bring them into the executive suite then wait outside. You can do that, can't you?” I gulped and my eyelids felt heavy. I nodded mechanically. I could do that, yes, but I could do so much more if she let me. “Get yourself something to eat and come back at seven.” “What should I wear?” She glared at me and I felt my body tighten under the weight of her stare. She shook her head. “That, nothing, who gives a shit? You'll be wearing a robe over the top of it anyway and they aren't here for you...” They would be here for her. I understood. I had known since a week after I started how Robin earned her living. If the furtive voices at the other end of the telephone line hadn't been evidence enough I had peeked into the executive suite once before. She had left the door ajar, probably thinking she was alone in the office and I couldn't resist. What I had seen still made me shiver. It wasn't simply terrifying, it was the promise of something greater, something so potent that it would raise a person out of their humdrum life and transform them, although into what I wasn't quite sure. “Seven,” I repeated, nodding. “Well hurry up then,” she growled. I grabbed my handbag and scurried away. Pamela Osmond is a writer in her mid-forties from Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. She has been writing Horror, Erotica, Erotic Horror, and SciFi since she was 14. Pamela has a vast array of interests. Besides writing, they include singing, reading, architecture, European Geography/studying atlas, animal welfare, and ghost hunting.

Nicola Jayne Taylor An horror erotica writer with a passion for the fire of imagination, and inspiration. Using a vast knowledge of mythology, horror fiction and erotica this is a featured short story. The writer of The Curse of Mary brings you some foreplay to the up and coming release that will have you riveted till the end. She gives you a story about overcoming obstacles. The story has realism and dialogue so natural that you could place yourself in the story. Nicolajayne Taylor is an author from the northwest of England who has travelled and this lends a hand to her earthy stories. At 32 she has embarked on a journey to give people a glimpse of reality obscured by pour fantasy and drama that reflects her real life in a great use of metaphorical wording. She dedicates her writing to her late mother who always encouraged her to do something with her writing and stories. Her mother Toni Gaynor was a lover of horror and fantasy, her dream would have been to see her daughter write and share with others.,,

Deborah Noel has been writing since she was twelve. Residing in Southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Ms. Noel has published the first novel in her vampire series, "Tangled Blood Lines", along with the first companion book, "Collective Souls - Remmie". She is working on several more books in the series as well as a few other projects. When she isn't writing, Ms. Noel can be found working with her husband at their demolition business or at the beach "people watching" and enjoying the sun. You can follow Ms. Noel on Facebook or visit her website at

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