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Heavy Metal Heartbeat Tour

 Heavy Metal Heartbeat is one wild ride. Its twists, turns and mind games will leave you breathless and borderline crazy. This rockin' adventure begins with Ozzie, who has awakened from a harsh brush with death. Just as he thought he overcame all the dangers of his supernatural survival, danger strikes with a vengeance. The news of the kidnapping of a loved one ignites his rage, unlocking a family secret and changing who he is forever. Now he's in a rush to play hero and savior. There's only problem; What happens if the savior becomes a villain? Ozzie's friends, with the help of his father, put him to the test to see if he can indeed be the hero that saves the day or the hindrance that gets them all killed. While visiting the in-between he is given the knowledge to overcome his situation. All he must do is embrace who he is. Who is that, exactly? Turns out when you take a human man with an ancient bloodline, add in slash marks from a Wolf, a bite from a Vampire, the pure love from the woman he loves and piss him off, you get a man no one expected! Bad Ass Hunter or Uncontrollable Vigilante?

Heavy Metal Heartbeat The title of this book is perfect. I named the spiritual guide, Jewels. Made the book even better knowing I had a small part in naming a character. AmBear Shellea is such a great author. Her characters are different from one another. Each one their own corkiness. And very close friends with one another. Each character feeds off something different. Ozzie and Paige are very close. When Ozzie got hurt in the last book, he got beat up pretty bad. Paige turn toward her long time friend, Anna. She begs Anna to save him. Anna is not sure. Ozzie would not want this and she can't to see her friend in so much pain. Not knowing what Ozzie will become. Anna helps her friend knowing Ozzie might kill her for what she is about to do. They sit and wait for Ozzie to awaken. While unconscious, Ozzie is fighting for his life. Jewels, the spiritual guide, visits Ozzie and explains to him what is happening. As Ozzie responds, Jewels gets a bladed knife and starts to cut a tattoo on his chest. Ozzie awakens. Everything is fine so far. Several omg...intense passion between Ozzie and Paige. The others are in the livingroom waiting for silence from the bedroom. Ozzie comes out of the bedroom. Jaxson, Anna and Sebastian not knowing what to expect from Ozzie, they're watching him closely. Ozzie goes on as before like nothing ever happened. Just being the badass Ozzie that everyone loves. Only time will tell. Paige leaves to go back to the house to pick up a few things to bring back. There's someone at the door. Anna opens the door and receives a package. Her and the others were not expecting no delivery. Anna easily opens the box. Ozzie's heavy metal heartbeat can be seen thumping through his chest. He smells Paige's blood. His body starts to go crazy. All hell breaks loose. Ozzie is outraged knowing Paige could be hurting. He has to get to her. Want to know what happens? I recommend you read the book! There was a cliffhanger, so I'm patiently waiting on book 3.


Although I have always enjoyed writing, the dream to become a writer came when I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, in the sixth grade. My early works, not published, were in the form of children’s stories I would read to my two daughters. I divide my days between the real world and the ones I’ve created. My life and my characters keep me very busy in my Mid-Western scene, where I live with my husband, and my children (both human and furry).

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