Monday, May 20, 2013

MY REVIEW of Chica Bella by Carly Fall

This book was such a cute book. I love the story from beginning to end. A short story about a guy, Landon. Landon served many years as a Navy Seal. Seeing many people die, the images and nightmares that would not leave. Having no family made things easy to be gone for months at a time. Then Landon meets a girl, Maya. Thing didn't work out the way he wanted and had to go back to war. Not saying goodbye to her. He thought it would make things easier for her. Landon thought about Maya everyday for nine months. Finally back from war. He finds Maya. Maya has mixed feeling on how to feel about Landon. Landon not wanting to go back to war. He wants out. Maya doesn't know his plans. She loves him but don't want to give her whole heart to him in fear of losing him. Don't want her heart broken again. Knowing it will be that time when the phone ring and Landon has to leave for war. He knows he has two weeks before the call. Landon and Maya spends most of their time together. Passion heats up between them. Maya and Landon fall deeper for each other. Their future rest in the hands of his Commanding Officer Marty. Will Marty find a replacement in time before they have to deploy? You will have to read to find out. A Great Love Story.

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