Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unfound by Christy Sloat

Christy Sloat Author is beaming to announce…CONTEST.
Welcome to an incredible contest we are able to offer with the help of, Medium Laura Evans.
First-the best way for you to stay informed is by joining the event…you can find it at:
Release date is expected to be September 20, 2013 for Unfound,
 the newest Novella in ‘The Visitors Series’.

Unfound follows the death of Kayla who is a critical character in The Brown House and The Crimson Key, both top selling books of The Visitor’s Series.
You can find both on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Here are buy links:
Barnes and Noble

And now…for the prize!!!!

Medium Laura Evans has generously donated a 30 minute session via Skype or phone.
Laura is a very talented medium and connects to hundreds of people and helps families connect to their loved ones, and also helps people on the paths for their future. Laura has a gift unlike others, she helps many people learn about their gifts, and gives insight. 

Laura Tancy Evans was born and raised in Utica, Michigan by her loving parents.
 She has two brothers and an adopted sister. 
Laura comes from a deep heritage of psychic women, 
dating back to her great grandmother who was Ojibwe.
Growing up with psychic roots was an encouragement, 
but no-one understood the gift of speaking to the dead. 
Due to her limited resources while growing up,
Laura has now dedicated her time to teaching others
how to open up to speaking with spirit. 
She also provides readings and connections globally
through her website:
Laura presently resides in Virginia with her loving partner Nathan, 
Her two vivacious children, and three furry felines. 

You can watch a short intro about Laura below:
You can also read more about Laura on her website at:
Join in learning more by listening to her podcasts at:

Here are the buy links for Laura’s two books out:
Barnes and Noble: Windows of my Soul, Laura T Evans

Amazon: A Bridge to the Other Side: channeled messages of death and life

Have fun…remember to win you must purchase one of Christy’s books THE DAY OF the Release Party! Proof of purchase/order number will be required to be entered, and as always, Facebook-its entities, and all others related to are not responsible for, endorsing, or supporting this giveaway. 

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